Your Story Brooke Brennan

Your Story By Brooke Brennan

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I started running in late Sept last year, I had NEVER run before.

  • In fact I had avoided running at every opportunity, I never even did school sports or school cross country races, I was just an excellent cheerleader!
  • I have lost 47kgs during my fitness project, almost 20kgs since I started running.
  • I started doing a Learn to Run program last October and could barely make 1 or 2kms in total, let alone run the whole thing.
  • I have now run 5km races, have actively challenged myself and travelled to run, I have committed to training plans and have definitely improved.
  • The first time I ran 5kms it took me 77 mins, now I can run 5km under 40 mins.
  • I have been supported by so many people, who were always so wonderful and ready with a pep talk.

Running has made me smile, and made me cry.

Running has changed who I am, how I feel, how I treat my body and how I feel about my body.

  • Today I ran 10kms for the first time ever in my training plan, I ran 99% of it and any tiny walk break was no more than 20 steps. I loved it, I felt empowered, I felt strong. I felt like a runner.

Thanks for letting me share my story.



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