Your Story By Alisha Banks

Your Story By Alisha Banks

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After having 2 kids I felt so unhappy with myself. I was feeling frumpy, had pre-diabetes and avoided a camera like the plague. I was always tired and generally just felt terrible. My husband was an avid cyclist and was always full of energy, ate whatever he liked and had such a positive attitude. I wanted that so bad! I was too scared to ride on the road, so he suggested taking up running. I started with the Couch2FiveK App and never really got any further than running 2 mins at a time.

As time went on I met a girl who had a coach, and the prices were ok, so I thought I’d give a program a go. With the run program I was able to get to running 5k non-stop, albeit very slowly. After that I joined Parkrun, and gradually got faster. I decided I would do my first 10K race, which was the Port Macquarie Running Festival 2016. I kept following a program and gradually increased my distance and speed. I was loving running. It was a hot 35 degree race day, but I did it. I did my first 10K race in around 70 mins. I was very happy with my accomplishment. My next goal was a half marathon. 

So, I joined a team for the Half Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie. From March to May I trained for my half marathon. I had a couple of injuries on the way, but I got there! It was a torrential rain race day, but I finished my first half marathon in 2hrs39min. After that run I vowed never to do a half marathon again. But the next week I signed up for the Hunter Valley Winery Half Marathon 😉 I was just a little bit hooked. Also by this time I no longer had pre-diabetes and was back to healthy weight range from all the training I’d been doing. I now enjoy the camera, and all the fun running photos and selfies 😉

In total I have done:

4 x Half Marathons

2 x City2Surfs

5 x 10K races

1 x 5K Mother’s Day Classic

And a couple of other 3K Fun Runs

Running means so much to me. It means that I can be a healthy role model for my two little girls. It keeps me sane as a mum and a business owner. I just love events, I love the atmosphere and thrill of the challenge.

It’s been an amazing journey so far and I look forward to seeing where running continues to take me! 




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