Safety Tips For Runners By Erica King

Safety Tips For Runners

By Running Divas Founder Erica King


Divas we just can’t be too careful when it comes to our safety while out running.

Please be careful and really think about timing, where you are going and so many other factors – you are very precious.

Here I've put together my top tips to help keep you safe while running so that you can focus on enjoying your running:

Tip #1: Be aware, not alarmed

We can all fall into the trap of thinking: it won't happen to me. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking leaves you vulnerable. You need to take responsibility for your own safety – know the risks at play and take whatever measures you can to minimise them. This is not about being scared or alarmed, it's about being cautious and protecting yourself.

Tip #2: Always carefully plan your route ahead

Don't just ‘wing' your runs. Know your route before you start running and look at it critically beforehand, being sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are these areas well lit?
  • Am I running in areas where there are other people/activity?

Tip #3: Make someone aware that you're heading off for a run

Always tell someone (your partner, a roommate, text someone!) that you're going for a run and when you expect to be back. I know a lot of you are mums, which makes this point even more important as you probably find yourself running either early morning, or in the evening. A nifty App that can help with this is Glympse, a fast, free and easy way to share your location with your loved ones in real time.

Tip #4: Avoid wearing all black

Those who know me well, know how much I love my fashion and dressing well but when it comes to running, safety is always my top priority. Bright colours are a much better option than all black and clothing with reflective tabs makes you more visible.

Tip #5: Always take your phone!

When do you leave the house without your phone? Never? Keep it that way while you're running. Your phone is incredibly important to have on you while running. Not just for its GPS but in case you encounter any trouble and need to call for help.

Tip #6: Be volume wise

Don't get me wrong, I love running while listening to a good tune! If you are listening to music, keep the volume down low and consider leaving one ear bud out so that you can always hear what's happening around you. It's a small tip that makes a huge difference!

When you keep yourself safe, you can really focus on enjoying your running and working on your run goals!

Please be very careful Divas.



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