How to Utilise the Run Walk Method for Smarter Training By Advanced Run Coach Lydia Palmieri

How to Utilise the Run Walk Method for Smarter Training

By Advanced Run Coach Lydia Palmieri


As a beginner or experienced runner, you shouldn’t be ashamed of utilising run walk training, especially when you have a goal of a longer distance like the half marathon for the first time.

When implemented correctly, a run-walk program is an effective training method that can help you increase your fitness faster, recover from hard workouts quicker, and return from injury with less chance of relapse.

Sounds like a win win, right?


Here’s why:

Why is the Run Walk Method the Best for New Runners?

For beginner runners wondering: Is it better to walk or run?

The Galloway style of running allows you to exercise for a longer period of time each session. This increases your aerobic capabilities more rapidly, burns more calories, and reduces your risk of injury.

Most beginner runners just need to know how to work your way up to running a 5k.

This means your time spent running is typically only 15-30 minutes per session. However, from research, we know that aerobic development peaks between 30-90 minutes of exercise.

Therefore, any way you can increase your exercise time in as a new runner will help you develop more rapidly.

This is where a run walk program for beginners comes in, it provides you the ability to recover your breathing and gives your muscles a rest.

This can help you extend your training sessions beyond 30 minutes while also making it less difficult on the body.

Not only does this help increase fitness but it reduces the likelihood of injury as you are not stressing your body beyond its capabilities.

If you were wondering how to get yourself to run longer, this is it.

Eventually, beginner runners will get to the point where they no longer need walk breaks to extend their run beyond the 30-45 minute mark.

When this happens, it’s generally better for fitness progression to run the entire way since running stresses the aerobic system to a greater degree.


How Does the Run Walk Method Help Experienced Runners?

When used effectively, it can be smart way to enhance recovery and prevent injury.

I recommend that all runners returning from a difficult injury use the run walk method of training.

If you had to stop running for more than two weeks or the injury is particularly troublesome, the run walk method can prevent re-injury and help you transition back to normal training faster.

Happy running Divas.



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