Don’t Forget The Importance of Your Butt By Ambassador Morgan Jane

Don’t Forget the Importance of Your Butt

By Running Divas Ambassador Morgan Jane



I’ve been running for around 2 years and regularly need my glute muscles released by my remedial therapist as they would get extremely tight during serious training.

With tight glute muscles I also found I was getting tight hamstrings and calves.

I also work sitting at a desk, 7 to 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, which also leads to having tight glue muscles.

My remedial therapist would, with an elbow, “release” my glute muscles, to loosen them up and alleviate some the tightness.

Regardless of how regularly I might see my remedial therapist, or how consistently stretch and roll my glute muscles I still needed to find a way to try and activate my muscles properly.

While I’m running, walking and training, I doing my best to be more conscious of my glute muscles to activate them.

My Strategies:

  • I either squeeze them together, or do my best to tense one side at a time. We have a fair bit of time out on the run, so when my mind wanders I take the time to consciously think about
  • At work, I have, thankfully, been provided with a standing desk and am remembering to not rush into squats and lunges at the start of a workout without preparing my glute muscles.

It does take some practice, and it is not second nature to me yet, but I have learnt that it is crucial to remember your glutes.



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