Stair Training Sucks By Ambassador Jessica Causley

How Awesome are Stairs?

By Running Divas Ambassador Jessica Causley

Not that awesome actually! I’d go as far as to say stairs suck. I’ll even write a list to prove why you should avoid stair training:

  • They puff you out. I can run for ages without getting puffed out, but a few stairs almost kill me off.
  • The danger of falling off. To make all feet hit at the exact place of the step is tricky business. I only have two feet, but it seems like more on stairs.
  • You get a sore bum the day after. It can have negative impact on your life.
  • People look at you like something is majorly wrong with you. They are probably correct. Most people get enough satisfaction of getting up the stairs once in their quest to go places.
  • It’s a trick workout, not at all honest. A double whammy of both cardio and strength in one hit. Nasty! Alone one of those is usually more than enough.
  • When you run and come to a hill it ends and you can forget what it tried to do to you. When you get to the top of the stairs you have to hurry back down for the pleasure of doing it all over again.
  • Your bum will get extremely muscly and good looking. All the guys will be checking you out and it might cause friction in your marriage.

We are all cursed, the evilness of steps might unfortunately have some benefit. To be totally honest I do stair training despite it causing so much pain and suffering.

As it stands right now, I am not a professional runner. I also work and look after a family, which takes up valuable training time. As stair training is so intense it’s perfect when you are short of time.

Please give stair training a go. Just find some steps and run up and down a few times. When you are done please add to my list why it sucks.


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