Strengthening Glutes By Ambassador Judy Street

Strengthening Glutes #runnersbutt

By Running Divas Ambassador Judy Street

One of the weakest areas I need to work on is my Glutes. The Runners butt!

I don’t engage my glutes well enough when running and it impacts my speed and my endurance.  I regularly go onto the Running Diva site and see what challenges have been held that can help improve the gluteus maximus.

Our runners bodies need a range of muscles groups activated to help us perpetually move forwards at a speed greater than a walk.

We need:

  • Balance as we are regularly on one or no feet as we shuffle forwards.
  • Strong arms to continually push us forwards and these are mighty important when going up hill.
  • Strong Glutes because these muscles are the ones that give us the power to endure long runs, and also to go faster for longer.

If you can learn to switch on your glutes properly you will find running easier and faster for you.

How do you test if your glutes are firing? 

  • stand straight with head, shoulders, butt and heels against a wall, if it feels natural you are firing if it feels unnatural you are out of alignment and could use some strengthening.
  • This is a great test to repeat to see how you are progressing in engaging the glutes!

Using the Running Diva programs to strengthen your butt including the 10 minute workouts really does make a difference.

As I write this my glutes are still very lazy but in 2018 I will be working on making them a strong part of my body to help with my running!


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