Your Story By Angela Halfpenny VIC

Your Story By Angela Halfpenny VIC

This is my running story

  • A few years ago I started running because  I wanted to loose a few kilos.
  • At the start running was dreadful.
  • I hated getting sweaty and feeling short of breath but I pushed on.
  • Slowly it did get a little easier and I did loose a few kilos.

My first Event

  • My first running event was 4km in the Melbourne Mother’s Day Classic.
  • My Husband and our 2 boys cheered me on at the finish line.
  • The boys didn’t understand why Mummy needed to wear Daddy’s jumper when I looked so hot.
  • Little did they know I’d wet my pants!
  • It was awful!


  • Over the next couple of years I did a few 5km events and regularly attended local parkruns, but I was always slow, breathless, had groin and hip pains and I got Glandular Fever.

Horror diagnosis

  • In mid 2016 I found a lump under my arm.
  • I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma.
  • It’s a slow growing cancer in the lymph nodes.
  • The Doctor said I must have had it for years.
  • I took a break from running and had Chemotherapy.
  • It was a tough time, I had a few complications but the worst part was the fatigue.

Cancer free

  • 12 months later I found out I was cancer free!!
  • I started going to personal training and running again. I found the exercise really helped with my energy levels.
  • Samantha Bond invited me to like the Running Divas Facebook Page.
  • I loved seeing all the Divas’ dedication and seeing them smashing their goals.
  • What an inspirational bunch of women!

New goals

  • Since turning 40 earlier this year the constant fatigue has been replaced with a real enthusiasm for life, so I joined Running Divas and have been working towards my 10km goal.

I am loving running. (and loving that my bladder weakness is improving!)

I love that I can leave the house feeling stressed, tired or full of self doubt and when I get home I feel like anything is possible.

I love being a good role model for my boys and want them to see me as a Mum that is strong and never gives up.

For me running is a gift, it makes me feel strong, healthy and alive.

I can’t wait to run the 10km at the Traralgon Marathon on 3rd June.

Thanks Erica, hopefully I can join you for a run one day.



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