Your Story By Carol Puyenbroak VIC

Your Story By Carol Puyenbroak VIC

“I’m running free, full steam ahead! It’s a glorious day, I have no pain nor niggles anywhere. I’m not stopping and I’ve been running for ages, so long I don’t even know time or distance, I’m just in the moment with a feeling of euphoria.”

Then I wake up, it’s all a dream.  I used to have this dream over and over! For years!

  • During school, running was such a struggle. I could do it for a short time, but no longer than maybe 400-500m and then walk.
  • The only motivation was school sports.

My dreams would keep coming. I’d say to people, “I love the idea of running, the freedom you must feel, but I just can’t run.”  

  • Then at 33 years old, in 2015, my cousin in Perth took me to my first Parkrun. My 2yo son came and we walked, piggybacked 4km of it, until my cousin took him so I could run the last 1km alone.
  • I did it! I was so extremely proud!  I came home to Victoria and continued Parkrun (a free 5km timed event every Saturday at 8am) each week and saw that I could then do 5km non stop.
  • My time went from 50mins to 34mins (first non stop) to 26.20mins as my PB!

I was feeling like I did in my dreams! I was absolutely loving running!!

My husband and I sorted out a fabulous routine with our son to go to work on Saturday mornings with Daddy so that Mummy could run, as pram running was not enjoyable for either of us.

  • The same cousin who started me up with running has a daughter in Melbourne. She put a shout out on Facebook if anyone would like to join her in a 10km Run. I was scared, but knowing I had her guidance and company, we both entered Run Melbourne.  I was doing group training during the week and running 5-7km two mornings a week with my lovely neighbour. In July 2016, Woohoo!! We did it.

Then, a friend introduced me to Running Divas. I ran a 21km half Marathon the very next year with Jo and another Diva.  I fell in love with the Running Diva support on course, so I promptly signed up in August 2017 as a Running Diva.

  • My first running event with Running Divas was Carmen’s Women’s fun run. I wore my singlet proud as I ran 21km in Dec 2017.
  • The support is something I can’t explain.  As soon as you see the singlet, you see a friend. And most times you haven’t even met that friend yet. But you just know you’ll love them and they’ll love you.

Thanks to all the Running Divas!!




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