Your Story By Julie Emonson VIC

Your Story By Julie Emonson VIC

Here is my story,

I was always active, bike, walking and treadmill with only half hearted attempts at running.

Last October my daughters and I walked a rail trail of 20ks. We had a ball.

I had suggested to my sister she should come next time (she is a runner), now our mother has alzheimers sadly, so it was my sisters’ suggestion that we instead take part in the Memory walk/run in Geelong.

This was sugested in November 2017. The Memory walk in Geelong was 29th April 2018.

We decided to involve as many family members as we could.

I signed up for the 6k walk, then I thought ” this is not a challenge for me” so I held my breath and changed to the 10k run.

So the next 5 months I have been following the 0 to 10k app.

Last Sunday I ran 10ks in 1hr 3min. Just behind my sister by 5 min! My son-in-law and nephew also ran the 10ks and the other 30 family members walked the 6ks. We were the top team fundraisers for the day. We had a blast, and now I’m hooked.

That’s why I joined up with you and the divas, as I want to improve my strengh and running.

Runners as I have discovered are the best community I have ever met. So supportive and fun. I have signed up for the mothers day classic next.

Attached are 2 photos, me just getting near the finish line and my beautiful family.

Thanks for all your help.

Julie Emonson xxx


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