Your Story By Rachel Maxwell

Your Story By Rachel Maxwell

My name is Rachel and I have had a running goal of being able to run 5kms without stopping for around 10 years.

I hated running and I thought that if I could run 5km without stopping that would make me fit and would maybe make me like running.

My first attempt saw me, huffing and puffing, feeling like I was going to die, I still hated running and even though I was running 3 times a week I was still struggling to even run 1km before I got shin splints and then gave up.

My second attempt a few years later, armed with a new pair of runners to combat shin splints and the couch to 5km app, saw me running nearly 2km without stopping, but I really struggled with my fitness and endurance.

I still couldn’t find my groove and still hated running.

I hit a major personal roadblock that saw me spiral into a dark place mentally and I put on a lot weight, so running was the last thing on my mind.

My last attempt last year, the goal to run 5km came back to the surface. I had managed to lose 35kgs and had got back into some fitness. I was feeling good and thought if I could just run 5kms, I would finally be fit.

I downloaded the zombies run app and armed with a better attitude to running, I left my house and ran. I could breathe, I found my groove and some enjoyment and managed to run for 3kms without stopping, surprising myself. I knew that with some consistency I could do it. By the next week, I was running 5kms. It wasn’t fast but I was feeling unstoppable.

I have found a love for running and I can now run with my son.

We ran our first parkrun last year. I have continued to increase my fitness and my new goal is to run 5km under 30 minutes


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