My Tips For Winter Running By Ambassador Leana Bartsch

My tips For Winter Running

By Running Divas Ambassador Leana Bartsch

It’s always a little harder to stay motivated during the cold winter months.

These are my tips to keep running:

Set a goal

  • This year I am doing the Running Divas virtual challenge to keep me ticking over my legs and kilometers. For the month of June I’ll choose a set number of kilometers I want to run. Just don’t forget to have a purpose for each run, whether it’s hills, speed, endurance or just an “I need 30 mins to myself”.

Wear layers

  • I wear multiple layers in winter, which allows me to add and remove layers when I need to. I’ll also like to wear my Running Divas buff over my ears to stop the wind. That has turned a blistery cold run into something bearable for me.

Be visible

  • It gets lighter later and darker earlier in winter so its important you’re visible to cars, cyclist and other runners. Wear clothes that are reflective or bright. I’ve also got a headlamp that I will use. Wearing your visor allows the headlamp to sit on it and not slip down. If you have to run on a road, run against the flow of traffic (but stick to the side as much as possible obviously), as this will help you keep an eye on oncoming traffic rather than trying to listen for cars coming from behind you.

Warm up first

  • You might just want to start running straight away but it’s important to warm your muscles first. Remember the aim is to run for a lifetime, so treat your body kindly.


  • I know I struggle to drink the same amount of water than in summer but I find drinking warm water with lemon helps.


  • If you are lucky enough to have space for a treadmill or have a gym membership then a treadmill can supplement your routine on those days when you really don’t want to be outside. They are a great back up option.

Engage with the Running Divas Community

  • It’s winter for all of us, so we are all going through the same thing. Share your experiences and someone else may have just the tip you need.

If all else fails

  • Watch the Barkley Marathon on Netflix and realise that suddenly doing a 5k Parkrun in winter doesn’t seem so bad!



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