Running On A Budget By Ambassador Sarah Nicholson

Running on a Budget

By Running Divas Ambassador Sarah Nicholson

I recently read an article where the New York Times had suggested that the cost of running a marathon is upwards of $1,600 (that’s almost $2,000 AUD) and no, that wasn’t race entry, accommodation or airfares for a world major.

Yes, running is an expensive ‘free’ sport but I think that’s a bit steep… so here’s my tips for running on a budget!

Take Advantage of Early Bird Entry

  • The earlier you register for an event, you more you’ll save. Squirrel money away throughout the year and put reminders in your calendar when registrations first open. Make sure you take full advantage of your Running Divas event discounts too (with early bird and Divas discount combined, my half marathon at Werribee Mansion cost less than $70).

Train Smarter

  • Whilst you do need a training plan tailored to the distance that you intend to run, covering the necessary cross-training, long runs and strength training; trust me, you can absolutely run an event without the added cost of personal trainer’s fees.
  • As Divas members, we are lucky to have access to a huge range of training plans from beginners to seasoned marathoners and the accompanying strength workouts.

Make The Most Of Competitions

  • Whether it is winning a race entry, shoe voucher, a free PT session or a weekend away – if it’s reputable, enter it! I was lucky enough to win a new pair of Brooks a couple of years back just for posting a Run Melbourne picture on Instagram.

Save on Accommodation and Parking

  • You don’t need a five star hotel, just a decent bed, access to meals/cooking facilities and a hot shower. Organise a weekend away with friends and share the cost of an Airbnb or book a dorm with your running club for a great budget option. Keep an eye out for discounted car parking offered with your race entry (e.g., Wilson parking offer a Run 4 the Kids $5 flat rate).

Run in your own Backyard

  • There’s some great local events that boast cheap entry and are timed, and whilst there may not be race bling, proceeds often go towards grassroots athletics (Harriers events), Hospitals or the local CFA (Run for the Firies) – all worthy of our support! You’ll save money on travel too when supporting local events.

Buy, Swap and Sell Groups

  • Stick to your running budget by being thrifty with your gear. If you’re in the market for a GPS watch, shoes, clothes, running equipment etc. (think sale items with no exchange, unwanted presents, injured runners, wardrobe cleanout) check BSS Facebook groups such as ‘First we Run’ or ‘Australian GPS Watches’ and sites such as Gumtree and Ebay.


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