Dr Ursula King

Ursula King

Dr Ursla King

Our medical consultant

Ursula is a doctor and former elite athlete, with a keen interest in health and well-being. Combining her medical work with public health research and service sector consultancy, Ursula focuses on health-enabling approaches that work for real people living real lives. An accomplished medical writer and facilitator, Ursula adopts a holistic, pragmatic and engaging approach to health and fitness that enables people to work from where they are, and then moving to the next level. A medical graduate from the University of Newcastle, Australia, Ursula also has a Master of Community Health and PhD in public health/ecology, and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

What does being fit and healthy mean for me?

For me, feeling fit is about being mindful of how I’m traveling in life, and leaning into gratitude. There’s always stuff I’d like to do better but perpetual striving does not a happy human make. Healthy is as much a state of mind and emotion as it is a body with manageable muffin tops. And a lot of it’s about letting go and not sweating the small stuff.

What inspires me?

Life. It’s the little things that I find most joy and inspiration from. That blade of impossibly green grass pushing its way through concrete pavement, my dogs unbridled glee at finding a mud puddle, the smell of earth after rain, and the smile-producing giggling of a young child. Simple, everyday stuff that’s always there if I just take the time to notice.

What are my passions?

I love being part of growing ideas and sharing stories. Food, single malt, pitch black coffee, and indie music are all up there. As is knowing that the communities we live in are up to all of us to create.


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