Erica King

Erica King

Erica King


Founder Of Running Divas Australia.

Erica is a successful businesswoman who at 52 has decided that it is time to follow her true passions and focus full time on Running Divas.
Erica's career has been varied but never dull.
She started life in her family hospitality business and then travelled the world as a makeup artist and then took up corporate life as a consultant and then in her own businesses.
Running Divas has changed Erica's life in the most positive ways.

What does being fit and healthy mean for me?

I feel empowered, strong and in control of my life when I focus and make fitness and health a priority in my life.

What inspires me?

Women achieving extraordinary things; being able to run on a beautiful sunny day; having time to enjoy life.

What are my passions?

Helping to change women's lives, one run at a time; living life to the max and never taking anything for granted.


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