Agilene De Villa

Agilene De Villa


Agilene lives and breathes science - especially when it comes to understanding how the body works. After finishing with a degree in physiology and a post-grad in journalism, she followed the yellow brick road on to becoming a health journalist. She's worked at Women's Health UK and Australia, Australian Doctor, Mr Porter and Weight Watchers. She recently returned to Sydney after a two-year stint in London. It was there she ‘discovered' running - having had no interest prior - when she was roped in to the UK's This Girl Can Run campaign. It made her see that running was actually pretty amazing. Today she ties running in with yoga, barre and pilates.

What does being fit and healthy mean for me?

Feeling comfortable, confident and happy about yourself is just as important as looking physically fit. Being able to ‘feel' healthy without validation from scales, measuring tape or fancy machines that tell you your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. Being able to say, “This is the best version of me.”

What inspires me?

That ‘click'. Your body's aching, your legs are heavy and your heart isn't in it - but you keep going. Just as you're about to give up, you're hit with a sudden surge of energy and just like that, you can go forever. That feeling is what inspires me to run.

What are my passions?

Pilates, running and my chihuahua Maddie. All three make me feel like I can be my true (silly) self without judgement. And that makes me happy.


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