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Anna Game-Lopata

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Anna Game-Lopata is a fitness enthusiast, journalist and editor with nearly 20 years of experience across trade magazines, web content TV and radio. Over the past ten years, she's covered finance, supply chain management, agriculture and property, but writing about exercise, one of her most favourite activities, is definitely the highlight so far! A city girl by birth, Anna's heart is in the bush. She lives in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne and retains a special place for the innovative farmers she had the privilege to meet, out there beating the odds to supply her other favourite activity: eating.

What does being fit and healthy mean for me?

For me, being fit, healthy and toned is crucial. It keeps me positive, focused and content, especially in hard times. I love being a strong role model for my kids by demonstrating the importance of lifelong health through fitness and diet. Through me they see what fulfilling outcomes a little dedication and planning can bring.

What inspires me?

First, I am inspired by the majestic Australian landscape and its indigenous people through which I draw spirituality. I'm also inspired by true bravery: people who stand up against bigotry or corruption despite the repercussions, save or help others without a thought for themselves. Finally, I am inspired by great art, music, writing and creativity in business.

What are my passions?

My biggest passion is my wonderful partner, two gorgeous boys, their father and our dog Snowpup who all contribute to making our non-traditional set-up totally awesome. My second passion is connected; it's the education, in every aspect, of my sons. My other passions include fitness and exercise, cooking good food for loved ones and friends, travel, fantasy (yes fairies, magic and mermaids) and writing screenplays for kids or possibly a book.


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