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Caitlin Reid

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Caitlin Reid is a Physiotherapist & Wellness Consultant. She hosts wellness retreats in Queenstown, New Zealand and around the world with her brand Aprivé Wellness Ltd, and practices Holistic Physiotherapy incorporating everything from sleep management to pain science to help her patients live their happiest, healthiest lives. Caitlin also works as a visiting practitioner at wellness retreats in Asia, sharing her practice of Holistic Physiotherapy with guests from around the globe. She is committed to helping restore healthy, positive movement in all her patients of all ages.

What does being fit and healthy mean for me?

It means being able to live your daily life with energy and positivity. This incorporates everything from walking up the stairs, to going for a run, to preparing a nourishing healthy meal. Being able to do these things with a positive mindset and without exhaustion and pain is key!

What inspires me?

I'm constantly blown away by the incredible people I meet through my work; both patients and colleagues. Their commitment to their own happiness and health, and their understanding that they need to look after themselves in order to help others inspires me.

What are my passions?

Helping people by teaching them how their body works is a passion of mine via Physiotherapy, wellness retreats and Pilates. I'm also obsessed with travelling and adventures, and love snowboarding, horse riding and Irish Dancing!


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