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Catherine Mah

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Catherine Mah is a writer and editor, whose work has appeared in The Guardian, The Big Issue, The Cusp and AWOL. She loves to talk about running to anyone who will listen and has got people running who'd sworn they'd never lace up sneakers.

She lives with her husband, son and dog in Sydney. Her dog used to keep pace with her on long runs without breaking a sweat, but at almost 17 now, it's a challenge to even get him up the street. Catherine has had to adjust his running program accordingly.

What does being fit and healthy mean for me?

For me, being fit and healthy is a mindset, where you're in tune with your body's needs. That might mean better eating habits or skipping a run because you're not feeling 100%. Physically, it means you can take on anything life throws at you - walking up hills, chasing your kids, running for the bus.

What inspires me?

I'm inspired by people who aren't afraid to show their weaknesses, are strong enough to admit their mistakes and have the tenacity to keep aiming for goals that seem impossible. I'm also inspired by people who achieve things through humility, wisdom and kindness.

What are my passions?

It goes without saying that I love running, even when I have days and weeks where I struggle with motivation and fitting it in around life. Going hand-in-hand with that is my love of eating, especially trying unusual flavours of ice cream.


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