Melanie Hearse

Melanie Hearse

Melanie HearseBio

I’m a WA based freelance health and lifestyle writer, and my work has appeared in publications including Cosmopolitan (on four continents), Women’s Health, Inside Sport and many more. Previously I worked in the public health sector, and my qualifications are in Psychology and Health Promotion. I’m a mum to two boys and enjoy hanging out reading in our hammock with them, when I’m not out hitting the pavement. My best time is best not putting in writing at this time!

What does being fit and healthy mean for me?

For me it’s a form of showing self love – when I’ve been out of shape, it’s usually when I’m not feeling good in myself; and the process of getting fit lifts my mood, while living healthily shows myself I care about living a long and happy life.

What inspires me?

Curiosity, peoples stories and helping other people – while I’m a bit of an introvert, I’m very interested in others and the first to lend a hand when needed. I’m also really inspired by people that actively chase their dreams, especially when they are tricky to achieve. Challenges inspire me – I enjoy chasing impossible dreams and making them happen with hard work and asking for help. Even the ones that don’t work out teach you something!

What are my passions?

My family (very including our dogs), reading, writing, running, pilates – moving in general really. I also love really great TV and movies, which sounds slack, but I love something that’s really creative and makes me think.


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