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Samantha Gemmell

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A qualified nutritionist (BHSc), health writer and wellness speaker, Samantha’s passion is sharing knowledge with women all over the world so that they can live inspiring, thriving lives.
Everyone has different health needs - there is no one diet or lifestyle approach that is perfect for everyone. That’s why Samantha works with her clients to create an individualised plan that suits their biochemistry, lifestyle, budget and goals

She takes a holistic approach to health - looking at the mindset, the nutrition and the lifestyle combined to create a mind-body-soul connection that sets you up for success.

What does being fit and healthy mean for me?

To me, being fit and healthy is an essential part of my life. If I maintain a healthy lifestyle, all aspects of my life seem to fall into place and when it doesn't my ability to keep going and push through comes down to not only being healthy physically, but mentally. I am a better, wife, mother, colleague, trainer and teacher when I make sure I make time to maintain my healthy lifestyle, which includes, running, time for relaxation, good nutrition and mindset coaching.

What inspires me?

I find inspiration in the everyday things. From a sunny day, to friends succeeding in their goals, even people I don’t know who are doing amazing things. I also source a lot of inspiration from my partner - his passion for food inspires me to share my passion of nutrition.

What are my passions?

I am multi-passionate! The ones that get me out of bed every morning include: food as medicine, choosing to thrive, meditation and mindfulness, making food nutritious and delicious, and the concept of the bio-individuality of wellness. I also love animals - I’ll stop in the street to pet a puppy!


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