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Running Divas membership starts at only $70/year (AUD) and includes a range of fantastic benefits:

Membership Benefits Include

  • Unlimited access to a full range of training programs ranging from beginner to ultra marathon.
  • Day-by-day training sessions for running, strength exercises and cross training.
  • Lots of positive mindset coaching strategies.
  • Over 300 articles specifically written for Running Divas by qualified female health professionals.
  • Support of our online community via a closed Facebook group.
  • A comprehensive range of nutritional programs, healthy eating strategies, meal plans, recipes

Running Divas Membership ($70/year) Includes:

A runner on a training program


Run Programs, Strength & Conditioning, Recovery Strategies & More

Nutrition for runners

Nutrition & Hydration

Advice on Nutrition, Hydration and staying fueled up so you can run at your best!

running with an injury

Injury Prevention & Management

Preventing Running Injuries, Managing Pain & Rehab Plans

Woman training while pregnant

Women's Health

Get the best advice from Running Divas qualified female health professionals.

Women running with a positive mind

Positive Mind Strategies

Stay strong and mentally focused following Erica’s program

Nutrition Extra add on ($55/year) Includes:

running divas menu plan meal

Menu Plans

Plan your meals, stay well nourished & run your best!

A recipe


Huge range of diets catered for including vegan, paleo, glutten-free and more


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