Half Marathon Training Plan

How to Start Training for a Half Marathon

Our half marathon training plans have been developed by Erica who has run more than 21 half marathons around the world.

Erica knows what it takes to get ready for a half marathon and will provide you with all of the advice you need to make it to the start line physically fit, healthy, mentally focused and emotionally prepared.

“Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. The whole experience was awesome!” – Donna J

Running a half marathon will change your life forever in the best way. It takes commitment, discipline and focus and it’s worth all of the effort! Erica’s half marathon training plans will get you across that finish line and feeling fantastic!

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Running Divas Products

Running Membership – Our Half Marathon Training Plan Includes:

  • Training: a detailed week-by-week half marathon training plan to help you meet your race goal. Plus comprehensive strength and conditioning training programs to complement your running.
  • Nutrition and hydration: general guidelines to help you find the right balance for you. Plus hydration strategies for every stage of your training and racing.
  • Injury prevention and management: includes recovery, stretching and rehab guidelines.
  • Women's health: lots of topics that affect us as women who run and how to work through them.
  • Positive mind strategies: positive mind techniques to replace the negatives you have about yourself and your abilities.

Nutrition Extra add on – Our Half Marathon Training Plan Includes:

  • Menu plans: nutritional programs for staying healthy through each phase of your training. Lots of dietary preferences are catered for so finding what works best for you is easy.
  • Recipes: for every meal of the day, with lots of options and dietary preferences.
  • Grocery shopping lists: convenient ingredient lists so you can quickly get everything you need to turbo charge your training.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited access to a full range of training programs ranging from beginner to ultra marathon.
  • Day-by-day training sessions for running, strength exercises and cross training.
  • Lots of positive mindset coaching strategies.
  • Anything and everything you need to know to run well at any age and level of running experience.
  • Over 300 articles specifically written for Running Divas by qualified female health professionals.
  • Support of our online community via a closed Facebook group.
  • A comprehensive range of nutritional programs, healthy eating strategies, meal plans, recipes (Nutrition Extra add on).


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