Mile2Marathon Sun 19th Aug Melbourne VIC

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Divas this is your opportunity to run a marathon as a Running Divas Team – how exciting

We have booked at discounted prices just for our Members

  • 2 Diva Teams of 13 participants booked (4 laps each = 3.2km)
  • 1 Diva Supporter team booked – for RD member partners, relatives and kids

Plus to keep everyone comfortable we have also booked a

  • VIP 6 x 3 marquee

Plus there will be Protein bars, drinks, snakes, snacks for our teams and supporters.

Divas this is a:

  • Brilliant opportunity to work as a team, encourage and support each other
  • Running Divas singlet compulsory for team runners
  • Fun prize packs for the day


Official Event Info:

Each runner will do a 800m Circuit (2 Laps) and in the team of 13 you will complete 4 laps each.

These laps can be broken up so you can rest in between.

Location is – Birramung Marr which is very central to Melbourne.

All runners will be timed as individual miles, the start and end times of each mile are recorded as a runner passes over the timing mats in the transition area or finish line.

The Transition area is where team members or runners can:

·         Change over the timing chip to the next runners

·         Start and finish each lap.

·         Rest between laps

There is no time limit between when a runner finishes to next runners start, but there is a 5 and 1/2 hour time limit for all teams to finish their 26 miles.

Great news that every runner – yes every runner receives a finisher medal – thank goodness – we do love our bling!

Additional information

Team Type

Join Runner Team, Join Supporter Team


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